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What is the Udhmodya Foundation of Delhi University?

The University of Delhi’s Udhmodya Foundation was founded as a Section-8 company with the goal of fostering innovative and entrepreneurial endeavors

The term Udhmodya represents the rising Sun setting off on an innovative route to achievement. 


The foundation’s main goal is to promote innovation by helping aspiring business owners come up with ideas, cooperate, develop their concepts, and expand their enterprises.

In addition to providing professional mentorship, training, and advice to enhance the company, the Foundation seeks to provide resource assistance in the form of seed money, infrastructure, co-working spaces, networking, and advisory services.

In an effort to strengthen ties between the university and the startup ecosystem, Udhmodya suggests a multidisciplinary cohort of entrepreneurs, mentors, business leaders, and specialists from many industries.

Basic Principles of the Foundation:

  • Fostering an innovative culture: The foundation is committed to fostering an innovative and creative culture that values experimentation and out-of-the-box thinking.
  • Imagining a neighborhood of startups: Creating an open and varied community of startups and entrepreneurs is at the heart of our basic concept. Collaboration, information exchange, and mentorship are all highly valued in our community.
  • Driving economic growth: In order to help our nation reach the government’s goal of having a $5 trillion economy, we are committed to fostering startup success and the creation of cutting-edge goods and services.
  • Making connections between entrepreneurs and resources: The foundation uses its network of investors, industry leaders, and other important players to assist startups in obtaining finance, joint ventures, and other resources.
  • Offering hybrid incubation facility: We give our incubate-startups shared office and lab space, enabling them to operate in a team setting and have access to all the essential tools and infrastructure in both physical and virtual modes.
  • Mentoring and advising startups: Helping startups develop their concepts, business plans, teams, and strategies for overcoming obstacles that come with entrepreneurship.
  • Catalyst for innovation and entrepreneurship: The Udhmodya foundation’s overarching goal is to act as a catalyst for innovation and entrepreneurship, contributing significantly to the creation of new companies and the expansion of the startup ecosystem as a whole. 

Contact Info: 

Manager of the Udhmodya Foundation: Dr. Sanjay Kumar

Telephone: 8826784646

Mail: operations@uf.du.ac.in

Address: Maharishi Kanad Bhawan University of Delhi, 5th Floor, Delhi-110007

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